Monumental 9

Monumental 9

Timespan: 24/10/2019 – 24/07/2020 (9 months)

Donor: RCC – Reginal Cooperation Council (“Support to the implementation of the RCC Triple-P Tourism in SEE: Promotion, Policy, and Pilots Grants Work Programme”)

Applicant: Local Democracy Agency Montenegro (Montenegro)

Partners: LDA Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina); LDA Prijedor (Bosnia and Herzegovina); LDA Zavidovići (Bosnia and Herzegovina); LDA Subotica (Serbia); LDA Knjaževac (Serbia); LDA Kosovo*; ALDA Skopje (North Macedonia)

Project Description:

The core activities of the proposed action are aimed to help create preconditions for new tourism product development to increase youth employment and income generating activities through engaging micro-localities, youth greeters and creative writers (and/or vloggers) in regional co-operation programme. Capacity building for LDA greeters and vloggers, professional tour guide skills development exercise, field visit and learning by doing approach are all intended to contribute to the overall objective with specific focus on activities designed to engage youth from local communities in regional intercultural exchange programme to work together on a new tourist product development.

Overall objective: Help create preconditions for new tourism product development to increase youth employment and income generating activities through engaging micro-localities, youth greeters and vloggers in regional co-operation programme

Specific objective(s):

  • develop youth friendly innovative promotional actions to provide orientation and publicise the narrative of the nine magnificent monuments from the WW2.;
  • create youth friendly online platform to present sites, locations and heritage
  • develop regional pilot youth intercultural exchange programme including exploration, storytelling, digitalisation of the new cultural tourism product: Monumental 9;
  • help increase attractiveness for tourist development and income generating activities at micro-localities;

 Activities are divided into 4 working packages (WP):

WP1 Capacity building and Training Manual for LDA greeters/vloggers;

WP2: Desk research, establishment of the online platform: Balkan Monumental 9 Trail;

WP3: Three (3) field pilot tours to create the Monuments’ narrative and virtual tour;

WP 4: Local/Regional visibility activities, co-ordination and preparation of closing event Trebjesa Niksic, to adopt the regional Network’s follow-up action plan.    

Expected results:

  • New regional network’s capacities for engaging youth in intercultural exchange programme improved;
  • local capacities for creating the community of practice in tourist development improved;
  • income generating activities in micro localities increased;
  • Nine Monuments’ virtual tour guide with narratives, storytelling, developed by LDA young greeters and vloggers;

Target groups: Local CSOs, CSO thematic networks, Youth practitioners, local/national public authorities’/government bodies, media

Beneficiaries: educational/ cultural institutions, youth groups, tourist associations, SMEs, 9 local communities, population at large



Regional capacity building programme gathering young greeters and bloggers from partner organizations started in Prijedor, on the locality of KOZARA Monument. Interactive workshops combining desk research and field visits were designed to help develop greeters’ skills, creative writing skills as well as research work to create a quality tourist promotional narratives. The training programme in Prijedor comprised a combined set of skills development workshops and practical site visits prepared and organized by the senior trainers as a learning – by – doing pilot tour. Senior trainers – Dario Terzic and Darel Kapetanovic introduced the young participants with effective communication styles,…
If you are active young person interested in making new touristic products/routs and offers/; If you are keen to culture, history, gastronomy and amazed with WW II Monuments design – you should apply for the 4 day training in Prijedor and get the opportunity to develop Monumental 9 project with partner organizations. Local Democracy Agency Montengro along with partners: LDA Mostar, LDA Kosovo, LDA Zavidovici, LDA Prijedor, LDA Knjazevac, LDA Subotica & ALDA Skopje is developing new touristic products using greeter concept and modern approaches in order to increase youth employment and income generating activities through engaging micro-localities. The project…
Local Democracy Agency (LDA) Prijedor announced a call for 2 trainers / experts as part of the 'Monumental 9' project, which is financially supported by the Regional Cooperation Council - RCC. The lead partner in this project is the Local Democracy Agency Niksic / LDA Montenegro and one of the partner organizations is also LDA Kosovo. The trainers / experts are expected to prepare, design and implement a four-day training program for a group of up to 25 participants, as well as to prepare and develop an appropriate training manual tailored to users as self-study post-training material and guidelines for…

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