Sigurno mjesto-Services and activities for women

Sigurno mjesto-Services and activities for women

"Safe place for victims of domestic violence: monitoring the independence and development of local resources"

The project "Safe place for victims of domestic violence: monitoring the independence and development of local resources" was launched in 2011, and is designed as a continuation of previous initiatives to support victims of domestic violence.

The project is funded by the municipality of Alba and region Piemonte (Italy).

Local partners were the Municipality of Zavidovici, Association “Sigurno mjesto”, local health care institution “Dom zdravlja”, schools on the area of Zavidovici, the Association Zena-Zeni, and  City kindergarten Zavidovići.

Partners in Italy were Ser.T.Asl CN2 – Alba Bra, Social Welfare Center of Alba, University of South-East Piedmont – Department of social research, Association Mai piu sole.

This project aims at developing initiatives to support victims of domestic violence and to enhance awareness of the culture that produces and legitimises the violence itself, all through the actions of the local Network that is active for a few years allready, and through the newly established “Sigurno mjesto” Association.

The project goals are: to implement measures to prevent domestic violence and raise awareness about the gender relations; to provide services to accompany the victims of violence and to support their economic independence, and to strenghten and develop the local Network Against Domestic Violence.

The basic activities that are outlined in the project aim to continue the activities of sensibilization and prevention that were previously initiated, extending them to rural areas; to strenghten the Association  which has grown from a local network for the prevention of domestic violence and as an upgrade of services performed by the Center for social work;  to provide direct services to support victims; to continue the educating process of local network operators on the concrete forms of assistance to victims; to promote local protocol on the procedure in cases of domestic violence and to encourage the exchange of experiences between the Italian and Bosnian entities.

The project by now succeded to reinforce and strenghten activities in the field of prevention of domestic violence and raising awareness, all in cooperation with partners from Alba, Italy.

Numerous activities of ALD Zavidovići aim at the promotion and protection of women's rights, strengthening and empowerment of women. Some of the activities are organized in cooperation with the local association "Sigurno mjesto” (Safe Place), which was created as a result of cooperation between local actors and Italian partners. Due to the situation with the Covid pandemic, we have not been able to physically see our friends from Italy for a long time. In order to maintain our connections, exchange information and experiences, we organized an online event "Coffee in Zavidovići". The introduction and presentation was given by Slađan Ilić,…
Association „Sigurno mjesto“ realizes various activities in 2019. As in previous years, focus of our activities was on prevention of gender based violence. The association implemented educational workshops with students from high school MSŠ Zavidovići on the issue of domestic violence. Vedrana Kupusović, the member of the association “Sigurno mjesto” and high school teacher was the facilitator of the workshops realized in cooperation with the director and pedagogue of the school. About 150 students of the first and second class participated in the workshops. They learned about definition and types of violence by watching educational video prepared by our association.…
Association “Sigurno mjesto” Zavidovići, within Campaign “16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence” marked the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The World Campaign begins on the 25th November on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and ends on December 10th with International Human Rights Day. In the world, November 25th was proclaimed the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and should be marked by condemning all forms of gender-based violence, from domestic violence, rape, sexual harassment, to violence committed by the state, including torture and abuse of women political…
Association ”Sigurno mjesto” Zavidovći works preventively on the issue of violence against women with main focus on sensitization of the population in the fight for women's human rights and the position of women in society. For many years now the activities of the Association have been supported by the Local Democracy Agency Zavidovići and the Municipality of Alba. The association organizes educational and interactive workshops on violence with pupils of elementary and secondary schools, parents of pre-school children, marginalized groups of women, educational workshops for pregnant women with expert associates, gynecologist and midwife, providing its contribution to development and strengthening…
As a part of the 57th October Salon, the largest regional exhibition of contemporary art, that was held in Belgrade from 15th September to 28th October, Yoko Ono staged her exhibition called “Arising” and she invited all women from Serbia and all around the world who have been victims of gender violence to part this project! “Women of all ages, from all the countries of the world! We invite you to send your testimony about the evil things that were done to you just because you are a woman. Write it in your own language, write it your own words…
Association "Sigurno mjesto" started with the implementation of the new round of educational workshops for pregnant women and mothers. At the first workshop during spring round, guest speaker was our associate Ms. Adnana Mrvoljak, obstetric nurse and we had eight participants. The main topic at the workshop was „The psychophysical preparation for pregnancy“. There are planned several workshops with obstetric, a gynecologist and a pediatrician. Tv reportage about our educational workshops was made by Smart TV Tešanj, which is in the channel group of „BH Televisions“ The project "Sigurno mjesto 2018 - Services and activities for women" is supported by…
Association „Sigurno mjesto" from Zavidovići is one of the ten organizations from the area of ​​Bosnia and Herzegovina that has been given the opportunity to take part in the seminar "FIGHT AGAINST POVERTY OF MARGINALIZED AND SOCIALLY VULNERABLE WOMEN", organized by the Foundation for Women's Empowerment, at the Grand Hotel in Sarajevo from 16th until 18th February 2018. As part of this educational program, a practical and educational module "Public Relations and Community Initiatives - Promotion to Campaign" was organized with the goal of strengthening smaller non-governmental organizations of women in their struggle against poverty and for social, economic and…
On the 27th November 2017, in the Conference Hall of the Cultural Center in Zavidovići, Association “Sigurno mjesto” marked 25th November, International Day of Combating Violence Against Women, by implementing an Interactive Workshop on Violence Against Women and a the Roundtable: "The Role of Schools in the Prevention of violence against women and girls". It was implemented in cooperation with students of Technical School and Gymnasium "Rizah Odžečkić", whose moderator was Professor Sanela Čejvan Ahmić, an member and activist of association. A group of students has shown several forms of violence through acting performance. There were many guests at the…

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