Balkan Network for Local Democracy (BNLD) is a regional network promoting active citizen participation, democratic governance principles, local development and co-operation between civil society organisations and local public authorities in the Western Balkan Region. BNLD is founded by the European Association for local democracy (ALDA) and the 7 Local Democracy Agencies (LDA) from Western Balkans aiming to support regional cooperation. BNLD action is based on the principle of partnership and multilateral decentralized cooperation. 

BNLD Vision & Mission

The vision of BNLD is to contribute to good neighborhood relations, regional stability and prosperity based on good local governance while supporting culture of dialogue and respect of diversity in Western Balkans.

The mission of BNLD is to empower civil society and local authorities to jointly engage in democratic reform process and local democracy principles and to support regional cooperation and policy dialogue towards EU integration of the Western Balkans region.  

BNLD Values

  • Promotion of the respect for universal human rights and equality principles;
  • Development of inclusive society, participative democracy and social cohesion;
  • Development of the culture of dialogue and intercultural understanding;
  • Promotion of subsidiarity principles and good governance at local level;
  • Respect of sustainable development and environment protection;
  • Development and implementation of activities respecting the principle of partnership. 

BNLD Objectives

  • Strengthen the role of CSOs and Local Authorities in adherence to principles of good governance at local level and in anchoring the democratic reforms across society; 
  • Promote civil dialogue, active citizenship and participation of all sections of society and youth in particular in public policy and decision making at local level;
  • Support the process of EU integration in Western Balkan region with enhanced regional cooperation of different stakeholders;
  • Enhance the sustainability of the LDAs from the Western Balkans through capacity building, innovative service provision and regional thematic networking.

On the Annual General Assembly of the Balkan Network for Local Democracy which took place on the 22nd of June 2022 in Novi Sad, Serbia, the Network got a new President. The Delegate of Local Democracy Agency Zavidovici, BiH, Sladjan Ilic, previously having sat in the Governing Board, was elected as the new President of BNLD. Dear Mr. Ilic congatulations on the new position in the BNLD Network. You come from the LDA Zavidovici (BiH), an organization which with over 20 years of experience in good praxis of mediation, promotion and protection of human rights in a pluralistic and multicultural…
On the 7th of November 2019, in the Europe House in Pristina, the Balkan network for local democracy was officially launched. The event was opened by Elbert Krasniqi, President of BNLD, Mr. Maurizio Camin, Executive director of Associazione Trentino con i Balcani, Mr. Oriano Otocan, President of ALDA Europe, as well as Ms. Stanka Parac Damjanovic, SEE Regional Program Manager of ALDA. More than 70 representatives of the civil sector, local authorities and media gathered to take part in BNLD history being made. They had opportunity to hear about the vision and mission of the network, its origins and founders.…
The Governing board of the Balkan Network for Local Democracy (BNLD) was held in Knjazevac, Serbia, from 10 to 12 September 2019. This was the first meeting of the Governing board after the legal establishment of the Network. The BNLD members, ALDA and LDAs from Western Balkan countries used this opportunity to discuss a variety of questions important for the Network, such as fundraising plan, visibility, partnerships for the network as well as the internal structuring of the network. During the meeting chaired by the President of the BNLD, Mr. Elbert Krasniqi, the GB members were briefed about the registration…
The Balkan Network for local democracy (BNLD) took its first official step for registration of the Network. On the 12th of June 2019, ALDA, the LDAs from the Western Balkan region, and ALDA Skopje held the Constitutive General Assembly of BNLD in Skopje, North Macedonia and made history. After several years of preparation and conception activities and 1 year of building strategic steps for creating the network, the founding members signed the memorandum of understanding, the first step of legal registration the network. The Founding members of the network are ALDA, LDA Mostar, LDA Zavidovici, LDA Prijedor, LDA Niksic, LDA…

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